Roll, Roll, Rollbacks!

“Often, the lessons I teach are not so different from the lower level to the higher level—it’s the expectations and technicality that vary,” says Canadian…

1 week ago


Bored By Ringwork?

Props might be the last thing you think of when it comes to schooling your horse, but sometimes they can be just what you need…

4 months ago


Riding a Square for Better Turns

British dressage instructor Sally Amsterdamer specializes in flat training show jumpers. Judging by her client roster she’s rather good at her job. Irish team members…

6 months ago

Pro Tips

Riding Fit: Trot Pole Squats

Do you think of yourself as an equestrian? Do you think of yourself as an equestrian athlete? If you aren’t accustomed to including the word…

9 months ago


Winter Coping Strategies

So another December has rolled around. And for Americans in all but the most southern tier of states, this means that the toughest time looms…

10 months ago


The Power of Intention

Probably the greatest example of the power of intention is found in the world of Quantum Physics. In this world we learn that literally everything…

11 months ago


How To Be a Horse Trainer

So you want to become a horse trainer, huh? Sounds like fun—doing what you love and getting paid for it? Score! You are about to…

1 year ago


Silly Walks For Better Riding

Remember that ridiculous Monty Python comedy sketch “The Ministry of Silly Walks”? It has inspired all manner of copycat moments over the years, and while…

1 year ago


Are You Listening?

Riding horses is exhausting. No, I’m not talking about the physical exhaustion that comes with hours in the saddle. I don’t mean the sore muscles,…

1 year ago