Heather Malcolm

Amateur Hour

My Ugly Darling

“I got a horse you need to try out,” dad said, for seemingly the hundredth time. My go-to response kicked in. “I already have a…

3 weeks ago


The Guru

“You just have to take lessons from him! He’s THE expert!” said a friend. Simply nobody else would do. As a young teen, dressed in…

2 months ago

Tack Talk

DIY: Make Your Own Breakaway Halter

Each morning, the stable hands halter the horses individually and lead them quietly from their stalls through the sunlit barn aisle. Lead ropes are un-clicked…

2 years ago

Horse Rescue

Silent Heroes

Every once in a while we meet a truly remarkable person; a person with a special gift and the ability to carry it out. They…

2 years ago

Horse Health

The Deadly Deficiency

Those of us who are around horses long enough will eventually be forced to deal with the inevitability of sickness and injury. Accidents happen, horses…

2 years ago