Christina Keim

Horse Health

Cooling Out a Hot Horse

You do it at the end of every ride—take ten minutes to walk your horse out, then maybe rinse them with cool water in the…

2 years ago


The Future of Equestrian Sport

I started 2017 by attending two big meetings—one which celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA), and one which heralded the…

3 years ago


Innie or Outie…or both?

Those who follow Denny Emerson’s Tamarack Hill Farm Facebook page may have caught his comments earlier this year, on the “innies” and “outies” of the…

4 years ago


Detroit Horse Power

Last June, I was invited out to the Great Lakes Region of the United States Pony Club to teach at their amazing Regional Camp. Held…

4 years ago


The Rider, the Tack and the Horse

The following is a summary of Dr. Hilary Clayton’s clinic on equine biomechanics at the University of New Hampshire Equine Program on October 27, 2015. …

4 years ago