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Ros Canter Wins Three 4*s in 40 Days

©BPIHT/Hannah Cole

Newly minted world no. 1 Rosalind Canter isn’t looking to give up her spot atop the ranking list anytime soon.

The 2023 European champion rode to her third 4* win in the past 40 days at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials on Sunday.

The Brit’s (latest) win streak started in August at the European Championships CCI4*-L in Le Pin au Haras, FRA where she and Lordships Graffalo were the only pair to finish clear-inside-the-time, with a sub-30 score, and a 6.7 victory margin. It was the third-largest winning margin at the Europeans since 2005, according to Equiratings.

Two weeks later at Blair Castle International Horse Trials, Canter nearly swept the podium, finishing first on Izilot DHI, second on Barberstown Castle Rehy and fourth on MJS Seventeen in the CCI4*-S division.

On Sunday, she added Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials to the list with Izilot DHI. Jumping clear in show jumping and sitting just 1.5 penalties behind Equirating favorite and current world champions Yasmin Ingham and Banzai du Loir, Canter kept the pressure on. When Ingham dropped a rail at the last, the win was handed Canter. It’s her first win at the Blenheim.

“I am so proud of how he jumped,” said Canter of the 10-year-old Dutch-bred gelding. “He can be cheeky and spooky, but he coped very well this weekend and that is exciting for the future. I feel there is loads more to come with this horse and feel very lucky to have him. He is now ready to go on to a five-star.”

And that’s just the past month and half.

Earlier this year, Canter also won the CCCI5*-L at Badminton aboard Lordships Graffalo and a CCI2*-L with Parklodge Side by Side in Belsay, GBR—in the month of May.

Over the last 15 years, only seven athletes have won three or more CCI4*-L / CCI5*-L events in a single season, according to Equiratings.

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