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Iconic Equestrian Wants You to Stop Stressing Over Dirty Saddle Pads

To wash or not to wash?

When it comes to dirty saddle pads, that’s pretty much always the question.

Sure, the issue seems simple on its face. But there’s a lot more that goes into this decision than you might realize. To wit: What was the temperature like today? Did my horse work hard? Is my trainer riding my horse next in this pad (eek!)? Is it shedding season (double eek!)? On a scale of 1–10 how hard was my horse working/sweating? 

If the answer to any one or more of these questions is in the 5–10 range or “yes,” it’s probably time to wash that pad… and ensure all the hair has been cleaned away… and that it’s actually clean and bacteria free… and that washing it hasn’t ruined its shape or fit… and that you’ll have time to let it hang to dry… and then, since it’s on the line, remember to bring it back with you to the barn when you need it. 

See? And we haven’t even touched on whether or not your partner freaks out if you bring horse laundry home…

Thankfully, whether it’s a wash day or skip-it-‘till-next-time-when-your-significant-other-is-traveling day, the new Iconic Equestrian™ Original 2-in-1 Saddle Pad has arrived to make all these decisions easier, and your overall life less stressful. 

Let us explain. 

First up: Iconic’s new pad is two-ply (think of that other, well-known brand of super-functional training girths with detachable liners we’ve all seen). In other words, the 2-in-1 Iconic Equestrian™ LinerPad™ System includes a top pad that looks super fly, and an easy-to-wash, detachable bottom pad to keep your horse super clean—not to mention, dry and comfortable while protecting your saddle pad from sweat and dirt.

A patent-pending 5-point attachment system makes it easy to remove and then re-attach bottom and top: simply separate the two, wash the liner, and move on with your life.

Now you might be thinking, Sounds great. What’s the trade-off? 

And the answer is… NOTHING.

Iconic Equestrian’s hunter/jumper and dressage pads are created for style, comfort, and function—with an eco-friendly, anti-fade fabric on the top pad, and soft and breathable high-quality terry cotton (we love ourselves some terry cotton) in the liner pad.

Plus: all Iconic Equestrian pads are anatomically designed to minimize pressure on your horse’s spine, with shock-absorbing fill for maximum comfort and protection while you jump, piaffe, or play. 

What’s more, we all know when it comes to saddle pads, washing—while essential—can be a touchy proposition. The more you do it, the more you risk your pad fading, stretching, or losing its shape. Not so with the Iconic Equestrian’s Original 2-in-1 Saddle Pad. These things—the terry cloth liners—are designed to be washed often; meaning they actually become more absorbent each time they hit the machine. 

If all that sorcery isn’t enough for you, you can also improve your Iconic Equestrian washing game with Magic Washing Balls specially designed to remove hair and lint and loosen stains on your pads.

Simply toss them in with the liner before you start the wash cycle. That’s right, these go in the washer, not the dryer!

Then, select the ‘cool’ setting on your dryer or hang them on the line while you daydream and enjoy the sight of your favorite-hued Iconic Equestrian Original 2-in-1 Pad blowing gently in the summer breeze.

Or just finish doing the laundry. Whichever. You do you.  

Because, at the end of the day, whether it’s a wash day for your saddle pad or you’re letting it ride, the new Iconic Equestrian Original 2-in-1 Saddle Pad is here for YOU (and your horse too).

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