It’s the 2021 MLSJ Finale this week at Desert International Horse Park in Thermal, CA, but it’s not over yet.

There are still plenty of opportunities between Dec 9-11 to shake up the current standings. It’s the second half of the first ever back-to-back 5* events to be held in California. Last week was grass. This week the athletes will take the sand arena by desert storm.

The warm up is buzzing, and the tractors are getting the finishing touches on the Grand Prix field. So, let’s break down all the important MLSJ moments you won’t want to miss:

Eye Candy is leading the team standings by a lot.

But they can’t pop the champagne just yet, because points are double this week. Currently, Eye Candy has tallied 60pts, followed by the Roadrunners with 51pts and then the Crusaders with 44pts. If they achieve another podium finish they’ll clinch the championship. However if they fail to podium, depending on their position, the Roadrunners, A.I.M. United, or the Crusaders could rollback for a steal.

Paul O’Shea is in a winning mood

He’s the Eye Candy team “coach,” but he’s also strides ahead in the individual standings. He might have the advantage of playing defense this week but he’s surrounded by 5* talent. Kyle King, Amy Millar and Bliss Heers are following O’Shea and will surely keep the pressure on. He can’t retire his spurs just yet.

Now without further ado, your weekend schedule:

All times in PT

Photo Credit / MLSJ


10:30 am – SunAir Jets CSI5* 1.40m
1:00 pm – Marshall & Sterling CSI2* 1.40m
5:30 pm – Talus Welcome CSI5* 1.50m


10:00 am – Interactive Mortgage CSI5* 1.45m
1:00 pm – Premier Equestrian CSI2* 1.45m
6:00 pm – Desert Flight CSI5* MLSJ Team Competition


11:00 am – FarmVet CSI5* 1.45m
2:00 pm – Cabana Coast CSI2* 1.45m
6:00 pm – Adequan MLSJ CSI5* Grand Prix


11:00 am – Horse Flight CSI2* Grand Prix

Don’t miss the MLSJ Final! Watch it live from Desert Horse Park on MLSJ TV!

Feature image: ©MLSJ / Ashley Neuhof