We are busy. 

We are running from meetings (Zoom counts) to the grocery store to school pick-up (doggie day care for me) to the dry cleaners and then home again. Somewhere in there, we make it to the barn.

I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t have the time to change outfits for each of these activities, so I’m in my barn clothes all day long. And while I love my tight breeches and high socks, sometimes I wish people would stop staring. (Wait. Do I have hay in my hair?)

So this week, I’m going back to basics, and I’m starting with these Goode Rider Equestrian Jeans.

I’m obsessed with the stretch fabric and the classic tan knee patches. Plus, the details on the back pockets give my booty a little lift, which, let’s face it, I could use after 365+ days of COVID.

I’m pairing it with this white, long sleeve Dublin top for that breezy, “jeans and a T” vibe.

Dublin Black Jenny Competition Shirt, $91.67

The quarter zip looks effortless while riding and creates a polished look while on Zoom. (Is anyone else just staring at themselves on those calls?)

Obviously we need a belt, and this week I’m lusting after this Ovation number in brown. The stamped crocodile print makes it look like part of a Ralph Lauren campaign but without the scary price tag.

Ovation Belmont Belt, $24.95

Let’s add this Horseware vest for a pop of color (I’m really feeling’ the removable, faux-fur lined hood) and some warmth as we dash into Starbucks to for our caffeine fix.

After taking off my new Charles Owen helmet, I’m throwing on this white baseball cap from Kelley and Company to keep my helmet-hair under control and to keep aforementioned, unwanted hay at bay.

Kelley and Company Cap, $19.99

Slip into whatever street shoes you wear post barn boots, and you are ready for whatever craziness your day holds.

See you out there.