The Super S Line looks harder than it rides.

This EquiVault exercise is designed to teach the horse and rider to look for the fence, emphasizing balance through the turns and on the landing, adjustability in the canter, and using the track to create the correct distance before the fence.

The key to the Super S Line is to ride it naturally and let the canter flow but still be controlled, ideally at a 325 meter per minute canter. You have the option of staying out in the turns or coming early to the jumps, do what feels right.

For this exercise, you will need:

  • 4 cavalettis
  • 1 wall
  • 1 liverpool
  • 12 standards
  • 12 poles

To begin, set the course as follows:

Part 1: Ride the line from #1 to #6

Fences 3 to 4 should be ridden in a direct line or a very slight curve. Both lines (1–2 and 3–4) are to be ridden in 3 strides.

Part 2: Ride the line the other direction.

Starting at fence 6, ride the line in reverse. The corner to the liverpool will need to be slightly past the turn so the 3 stride rides with balance.

Part 3: (Advanced Ride) Ride both lines in 4 strides.

Once you’ve mastered the Super S Line in both directions, riding it with balance, control and accuracy, up the difficulty level and add a stride in the lines from fences 1 to 2 and 3 to 4. You will have to use the bend in both lines to create enough room. This is especially challenging from 3 to 4, in both directions.

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