Finding a supportive enough bra for a sitting trot is an endless quest. I never found one that worked, so I had a breast reduction.

Back in the day, when I was a 38G, I watched a video of my latest dressage test. I was unprepared for what I saw. My bosom just kept moving up and down with the grace of a post pounder. Bam. Bam. Bam, it went with relentless fervor.

And so began my futile search for the perfect sports bra and subsequent reduction. Today, I’m a 38D, and my search continues. This project is right up my alley.

To start, I asked a few well endowed riders what they wear in the ring.


Discipline: Eventing and running
Bra Size: 36G (pre-reduction) 36D (post-reduction)
Brand: Panache Wired Sports Bra
Price: $70
Fits: 28–40/B–J

Pros and cons: The search for the perfect sports bra for larger endowed ladies is an ongoing saga. My daughter found the Panache sports bra with underwire and we haven’t looked back. It has wide padded non-stretch straps, it supports the girls with three hooks. One of the best things about it is, if you treat it well, it will last for years.


Discipline: Hunter/jumper
Bra Size: 38H (pre-reduction) 36DD (post-reduction)
Brand: Shefit Flex
Price: $80
Fits: Bust 29”–55” / ribcage 22”–49.5”

Pros and Cons: Shefit are super adjustable, which is my favorite feature. I forget I’m wearing it because there is no fussing and fixing. They are not very figure flattering, but the girls are nice and snug. I’ve worn both the Flex and the Ultimate style but prefer the Flex because it has fewer seems and is comfier.


Discipline: Hunter/jumper
Bra Size: 40DD
Brand: Vanity Fair Wirefree Beauty Back
Price: $45
Fits: 36–44 / C–DDD

Pros and Cons: This is such a comfortable and supportive bra. The shoulder straps are wide, and there are four hooks in the back. And because there is no wire, I don’t have to worry about getting pinched. You can’t beat the Vanity Fair Full Figure Wirefree Bra, especially for the price. 

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As for me…

During my brassiere research, I came across another brand I think will work wonders in the show ring. The Cheata Trotter Bra. It’s right there in the name.

Brand: Cheata Trotter Bra
Price: $69.95
Fits: XS–XXXL/ribcage size 31”–44”

Pros and Cons: This is a compression bra and will hold the girls in place, which is what we want. The bra looks like a tight midriff top, which smooths out your silhouette front and back. Brilliant for the show ring. With a back zipper, it looks tricky to put on, but there is a pull tab and a hook, ensuring nothing moves. You will have to follow an instructional video to learn how to put it on for the best fit and support.

Brand: Cheata Trotter tank with built-in sports bra
Price: $79.95
Fits: XS–XL / ribcage of 31”–40”

Pros and Cons: If the words “tight mid-drift top” scared you, as it did me, never fear, the Cheata gang made a tank version. It is the same as the Trotter Bra but tank-top length. Perfection.

Now to figure out which one to try first…

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