Show Jumping

Lucy Davis Has Officially Relocated to the East Coast

©Lindsay Berreth/The Chronicle of the Horse

Break out the champagne!

U.S. Olympic team silver medalist and aspiring App mogul Lucy Davis has set down roots on the East Coast, which means unlike some exceptional millennials on the American team *cough, Reed Kessler,* we’ll get the pleasure of actually watching her already stellar career unfold.

Davis announced yesterday that she has accepted a position at Old Salem Farm in North Salem, NY. The LA-native will base her riding and training business at the storied venue while joining the team as trainer of the elite horses and riders.

In her free time (JK! Davis doesn’t have free time), she’ll be working on PonyApp, the stable management and horse care application she co-founded and launched in 2017. Because why have one job when you can have two! Amirite, Lucy?

“After making a move to the East Coast, I have been searching for a place to advance my work with clients as well as base my own string of horses,” said the 2015 Stanford University graduate.

“Old Salem Farm possesses a long-standing tradition of excellence within the show jumping industry and to be welcomed as part of that training staff is a real honor for me. My goal has been to establish a base where I can dedicate my time to riding, training, and building out the PonyApp platform. There’s no better place to do that from than Old Salem Farm.”

Did we mention that Davis is only 25?


(If you just started questioning of all your life decisions up until this point, that’s probably a completely normal reaction.)

With an impressive roster of former coaches that includes USA’s Archie Cox, Dick Carvin and Susie Schroer, Germany’s Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and Marcus Beerbaum, and Netherland’s Erik and Maikel van der Vleuten, Davis is well prepared for the role. Her team medals at the 2016 Olympics and 2014 World Equestrian Games tell us so.

Davis and her string, including Rio Olympic mount Barron, move into Old Salem Farm in the spring of 2018.