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Kent Farrington and McLain Ward Are Making ‘Merica Great Again

Is there any better feeling than the sweet satisfaction of being right?

That warm glow that spreads through your chest and lights your heart afire when something you’ve predicted becomes a true and incontrovertible fact. When the universe confirms, without a doubt, that you sometimes, at least occasionally, know what you’re talking about it. That you can, in fact, do rudimentary math.

No? Just me?

Well, friends, today is one of those days.

Two weeks ago, we predicted that Kent Farrington would secure World #1 status in the month of May. Today, his aggressive competition schedule and lightening fast jump-off rides earned the Rio Olympic silver medalist his rightful place atop the throne that is the Longines World Rankings, usurping teammate, friend and professional nemesis McLain Ward in the process.

Ward now sits in second, marking the second consecutive month that Team USA has held down the top spot in 2017.

Farrington, we can safely assume, is delighted. (More delighted than we are for him? And being right? Debatable.)

If earning the coveted Longines armband weren’t enough, Farrington posted this heartfelt note of appreciation on his Instagram page today, illustrating that he’s not just an incredible rider. He’s a worthy role model, too. #GOALS

Congratulations, Kent!

Remember who believed in you first…

(Your mom.)

May officially belongs to Farrington fans the world over!

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