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5 Winter Horse Sports that Haven’t Been Invented Yet (But Totally Should)

Skijoring and snow polo. Horse racing skiers and sledding. Every sport is improved by adding a little horse. Some we just haven’t gotten around to inventing—until now.

Ice dressage


Does your dressage horse have more shuffle than suspension? He’s made for ice dressage! All you need is a set of skate shoes and a daring sense of adventure.

Tandem Snow Angels


What requires no equipment and is fun for the whole family? Tandem snow angels! Lie as close to your horse as possible as he rolls in the snow. Last one breathing wins!

Manure dodgeball


Think dodgeball meets snowball fight on horseback. But the “ball” is frozen manure. And the objective is to hit your opponents in the face. [Pro tip: keep your mouth closed.]

Synchronized Spooking


You’ve heard of the game Duck, Duck, Goose? This is Duck, Duck, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! The thrilling adventure game that’s sure to give you a heart condition.

Speed sledding


All the fun of bobsled without the tedious course. Or with the course! (Depending on your risk profile.) Simply attach a toboggan, sled, and/or high velocity bobsleigh to your horse’s harness, slap him on the rear and watch the fun unfold!

Happy snow day!

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