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Three Travel Bags That Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

Maybe it’s the glimpse of a promise whispered into a horse’s mane. Or the heady smell of leather soap on a crisp fall afternoon. The rhythmic clatter of shod hooves over cobblestones. Or the satisfaction of slipping on a well-fitted halter.

Freedman’s takes inspiration from the traditions of equestrian sport.

Their travel bag collection is no exception. A nod to elegance past, it’s a leather craftsman’s homage to the horse and buggy and the commitment to excellence that encapsulates.

The Stanhope gig was first built around 1816 based on a design by Captain Hon. Henry FitzRoy Stanhope, a well-known sportsman of the day. The elaborate four-spring suspension system and high seat and closed back typical of this single-axle carriage made it fast and light—the ideal vehicle for an overnight stay.

Freedman’s Stanhope Overnight Bag ($595) is designed with a full-zip gusset to be easily accessible. The English bridle leather accents and pebble-grained cowhide body coupled with solid brass buckles make for a sturdy overnight bag or carry on. Stash your essentials up top on any regional jet, or toss it in the back seat of your car.

Used in the 19th and 20th centuries, The Break was the station wagon of carriages. Its large, four-wheeled frame made it the ideal vehicle for carrying a hunting party along with their dogs, guns, and game on a weekend getaway.

Made from soft brown leather and dark brown pull up leather, The Break Weekender Bag ($675) pairs the functional design of a duffle with beautifully detailed leather to create the ultimate weekend bag! It’s large enough to carry everything you need to get away for a few days and has a zipper pocket lining to keep it all secure.

The Victoria was one of the most versatile and elegant carriages of the 18th and 19th centuries. Typically drawn by one or two horses, it had a low body and one forward-facing seat for two passengers set behind a raised driver’s seat. Popular among wealthy families, the Victoria was fashionable with ladies for riding in the park.

The Victoria Tote ($475) is the most versatile bag of the Freedman’s collection. With an oversized body and detachable heavy-duty shoulder strap, it can be carried as a fashionable shoulder bag, a handbag, or even an overnight bag.

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