We’re going to be completely honest with you. We had plenty of fodder for our first, Struggles Only Short Riders Understand video. Boatloads of struggles. A Shire full of hobbits worth of struggles. It’s just so hard being wittle. So we thought, hey, tall riders must have problems too, right?


Our enterprising video team pounded miles upon miles of horse show pavement to find just one or maybe two challenges that our vertically unchallenged counterparts experience every day. And what did they discover?

A trim, long-legged physique is rarely an impediment for equitation. Neither is being able to reach everything on the top shelf in the barn aisle, or looking exactly like the catalog model in your brand new custom tall boots. THESE ARE NOT STRUGGLES PEOPLE.

Finally, we were able to land on just a few, tiny hiccups that tall people “deal” with. And we should note, after all that, we feel very sorry for you, tall people. We really do.

Roll that beautiful bean footage.