Some kids grow up to be horseback riders. Some kids don’t. Here are 16 that had the odds stacked against them.

1. Couldn’t hold it together for the flat class lineup.


2. Was constantly antagonizing the horses.


3. Struggled with ditch jumps on cross-country.


4. Was permanently barred from the arena viewing room.


5. Wearing mandatory safety equipment was a challenge .


6. Had to stop and hug his mare every time he cropped her.


7. His twin stole all his thunder in the show ring.


8. Refused to hide her disdain for the horse show crowd.


9. Had too much fun partying on the polo circuit.


10. Became dejected when she could not meet expectations laid out in Hunter Seat Equitation.


11. Earned a reputation for heckling fellow competitors.


12. Decided his talents would be better served saving mankind from the Penguin.

13. Would not “do” barn mice.

14. Took one too many swishing tails to the face.

 15. Refused to play nice with the barn cats.

16. Gave up riding to study zebras on the Serengeti.

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