We can all agree that every day is a good day when you’re on a horse, but the getting on part isn’t without its fair share of controversy. Choosing the wrong riding apparel can spell disaster. Coordination can fail. And no matter how well-schooled or generally saintly your partner is, some horses just can’t resist a bit of mounting block hi-jinx in the morning. You know what it’s like…

1. You’re having that one-step forward, two-steps back debate.


It must be a Tuesday.

2. Your pony prefers the fly-by approach.

giphy (24)

You just forgot for a moment.

3. Your trusted leg-upper has been hitting the gym.

giphy (25)

Thanks a lot Don.

4. You’ve chosen the wrong mounting block.


5. Or it’s otherwise occupied.


6. Or there’s no mounting block in sight and you’re forced to get creative.

giphy (26)

That’ll work.

7. You have too many clothes on.


Because #winter.

8. Or you picked the wrong footwear.

giphy (27)

Shower sandals and stirrups just don’t mix.

9. Your girth is too loose.


10. You had a momentary loss of hand-eye coordination.

giphy (28)

All coordination, actually.

11. You tried this at home.


Whatever Legolas.

12. You were recruited to ride this one.