We all know show moms are deserving of our thanks. They are the holders of ponies, the wipers of tears, and the payers of bills—the defenders of our walk-trot honor. But how do you know when a formerly beloved horse show mom has turned into a horse show momager instead?

Here are 18 signs she must be stopped.

1. She’s developed a complex thumb-sign language for rating class performance.

2. She maintains an intense love-hate relationship with the trainer.

3. She’s converted the spare bedroom into a trophy room.



4. Her ringside theatrics can get out of hand.

5. Like the time her kid lost the hunter classic by one point.

6. She routinely eavesdrops on other trainers with their students.

7. And keeps a weird little notebook filled with details about the competition.

8. She refuses to see how her behavior appears to others.

9. She’s assembled an aspirational scrapbook for her kid’s future life.

10. A future life in which she’s married to Scott Brash.

©Kenneth Kraus/PhelpsSports

©Kenneth Kraus/PhelpsSports

11. No amount of money is “too much” for horse shows.

 12. She says Tanya Harding is “driven”.

13. She gives so much, it’s no wonder she gets a little punchy at the end of a long show.

14. She’s all smiles at the ring when she’s winning.

15. But may lose her temper when things don’t go her way.

16. She’s been known to drown her sorrows at the horse show banquet.

17. She even refused to change her socks all circuit “for luck”.



18. But, no matter what she does, it’s all okay, because she’ll always be your #1 Fan.