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16 Awkward Moments Only Horse People Will Understand

1. When you’re in an elevator with strangers and realize too late you should’ve changed out of your barn clothes.

2. When someone picks mud out of your hair and it’s actually manure.

3. Or when you pull out a fresh saddle pad and find a pair of your underwear attached.

4. When you go to pat your horse and accidentally poke him in the eye.

5. Then try to kiss make up and he’s like…

6. When your horse spooks and runs into the resident pro.

7. Or breaks the hose nozzle (again) and you pretend you’ve no idea how it happened.

8. Bumping into “barn friends” on the street and they don’t recognize you looking all normal and stuff.

9. When your mom and riding idol have the same haircut.

10. When you say hi to your rider crush at the show, but they don’t hear you and you’re not sure what to do next.

11. So you wave.

12. And they don’t see that either.

13. When the judge calls the first two digits of your number and you think you won…BUT YOU DIDN’T.

14. When you declare your love for Kent Farrington on Twitter and he doesn’t favorite your tweet.

15. Or when you wear two different boot socks and it ends up on the live feed.

16. But no matter how painfully awkward it gets, you’re still just like…


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