Riding lessons? More like life lessons…

1. Sleep is a luxury, not a necessity.

Sherlock gif


2. You’ll be the one cleaning up the crap in this relationship.

clean up

Every. Time.


3. And there are no days off from this job.

day off


4. There’s no room for emotions in discipline.


There might be room for whipping.*


5. A little dirt never killed anyone.

5 second rule

Five seconds. Fifty seconds. Same difference, right?


6. Success is fleeting.


Celebrate the small victories.


7. Every day is a new opportunity to screw them up.

honey boo boo

Like completely.


8. People will go out of their way to give you unsolicited advice.

thanks bye


9. Treats are a powerful motivator.



10. Naps are your new best friend.


11. You’ll probably never quite figure this job out.

talk to some food


12. But at the end of the day, you’ll still be like…

complete me

Every. Time.


*Disclaimer: Obviously, you should never whip your kids. (And admit it online.)