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What Is Your Mistake Formula?

Here is a common misconception about mistakes: they are nasty. Not true. What would you miss without them? How about learning, growth, and risk experience.…

2 months ago


Elisa Wallace Has a Ph.D. in OTTB

Elisa Wallace knows a good horse when she sees one. Problem is, she’s capable of bringing out the good in every horse she encounters. So it was…

2 months ago


In the Company of Elephants

The elephants lumber toward us up the hill. They come ever so slowly, swinging their heads from side to side, their ears flapping occasionally at…

3 months ago

Horse Health

The Weanling Diet

Weanlings have intensive nutritional needs and you shouldn’t start feeding them like a smaller version of an adult. Nutrient dense diets are those that have…

3 months ago
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Practicing Perfection

How often have you gone through the motions of your ride, kind of touching on things you really need to work on, but only settling…

3 months ago
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Pro Tips

Who is Your Inner Coach?

You have your regular coach, then there’s the other one. The inside one. We all have this little guy (or gal) in our heads who…

3 months ago