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The Art of Seeing Lameness

We are all familiar with the scenario: We know our horse isn’t right…he isn’t performing like he used to, doesn’t seem comfortable, his transitions are…

4 days ago


Horses and the Holidays

I’ve often thought it was kind of unfair that reindeer get to be so closely associated with the Christmas holidays, instead of horses. When it…

4 weeks ago


Praise Away Pawing

Most equestrians have suffered through an incessantly pawing horse in the crossties. Frustration often gets the best of us and it can be tempting to…

1 month ago

Horse Health

Scratches (etc.)

There’s a problem that crops up pretty regularly when it’s wet outside. I hope that you horse hasn’t had it. It’s called “scratches.” Or mud…

2 months ago

Horse Health

Colic is Not a Disease

I’ve written a few articles about colic—myths, when to go to surgery, and such—and, with all that’s been said, by me, and by many other…

3 months ago

Horse Health

Skinny Horses

For every yin, there is a yang. I wrote an article on fat horses—here’s one on skinny horses. Skinny horses are the flip side of…

4 months ago

Horse Health

“Natural” Dewormers

Sometimes, you may need to deworm your horse. Happily, if you do—and you should find out if you do with a fecal egg count rather…

6 months ago