The Horse, a Gift for All Seasons

When I set out to write RIDING HOME ~ The Power of Horses to Heal, I wanted to share the profound emotional healing one can experience…

1 week ago


The Power of Intention

Probably the greatest example of the power of intention is found in the world of Quantum Physics. In this world we learn that literally everything…

2 weeks ago


Are You a Noodle In the Saddle?

Seriously: Are you so relaxed on your horse your “supple” is a “flop”? According to rider biomechanics pioneer Mary Wanless in her book The New…

4 weeks ago

Horse Health

Cooling Out a Hot Horse

You do it at the end of every ride—take ten minutes to walk your horse out, then maybe rinse them with cool water in the…

1 month ago

Hoof Care

Getting a Feel for Hoof Flares

“The equine hoof is a complex marvel of natural engineering,” say Susan Kauffmann and Christina Cline in The Essential Hoof Book. “Developing an eye for…

1 month ago


Don’t Forget to Breathe

Are you usually out of breath after sitting the trot? Do you catch yourself holding your breath over jumps? In her book The Dressage Seat,…

2 months ago


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Bucks

With the Thoroughbred Makeover quickly approaching and summer drawing to an end, I’m seeing dozens of sale ads flash across my social media pages on…

2 months ago