Don’t Forget to Breathe

Are you usually out of breath after sitting the trot? Do you catch yourself holding your breath over jumps? In her book The Dressage Seat,…

10 hours ago


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Bucks

With the Thoroughbred Makeover quickly approaching and summer drawing to an end, I’m seeing dozens of sale ads flash across my social media pages on…

2 weeks ago

Horse Health

The Head Scratcher That Is DMSO

DMSO is the much quicker and easier way to say, “Dimethyl sulfoxide.” About that, pretty much everyone agrees. It goes downhill from there. Although it…

4 weeks ago

Hoof Care

Barefoot and Bringin’ It

Performance horses need shoes, right? Not all of them! While shoes have certainly been the norm in nearly every equine sport for many years, some…

1 month ago

Horse Health

The Deadly Deficiency

Those of us who are around horses long enough will eventually be forced to deal with the inevitability of sickness and injury. Accidents happen, horses…

2 months ago

Books and Film

A Little Bit Better

Training horses, learning how to ride them well, these pursuits can be an obsession. They can bankrupt us, disrupt other relationships, and generally make us…

2 months ago

Horse Health

Feeding Yearlings

Whether you are prepping for sales and halter classes or trying your best to raise a healthy and sound youngster, careful attention to nutritional needs…

2 months ago