Books and Film

The Horse Cure

Inspired by her own childhood trauma when she spent seven days in a coma, awakened to a severely compromised body and brain, and rebuilt her…

7 months ago

Horse Health

Barefoot Trimming

There’s a curious phenomenon going on in the world. Some people assert that the horse’s hooves must be trimmed in a certain way, and the horse left without…

8 months ago

Books and Film

Become the Mother

Over and over and from numerous sources it is impressed upon us that we must provide leadership for our horses…that in order to train them,…

10 months ago

Legally Speaking

The 5 Figure Sale Danger Zone

Looking back over “horse deals gone bad” in both my personal and professional career representing horse owners and trainers, the most difficult disputes to resolve…

1 year ago

Books and Film

All You Need Is a Box…

 In a world filled with technology and a gazillion gizmos intended to make life easier but sometimes overcomplicating it, it can be a relief when…

1 year ago


Fall Leaves, Are They Toxic?

Fall is here! The leaves are changing and the temperatures are cooling off. It’s hard to imagine that such a pretty time of the year…

1 year ago


Roll, Roll, Rollbacks!

“Often, the lessons I teach are not so different from the lower level to the higher level—it’s the expectations and technicality that vary,” says Canadian…

1 year ago