Saddle Up Your ‘Someday’

“No matter where you go… there you are.” This quote actually comes to us from Confucius, the well known Chinese teacher, editor, politician and philosopher…

3 months ago


11 Ways to Get Out of a Horse Slump

At some point in time we have all been there, a place we thought couldn’t possibly exist—the horse slump. Although it’s hard to admit you’re in…

4 months ago


Don’t Call My Horse Ugly

This morning I shared a photo of my horse, Spike. I posted in a couple of Facebook groups that I belong to, and within literally…

4 months ago

Horse Rescue

Loved ‘Til Their Last Day

This is a discussion of a very sensitive topic that elicits powerful emotions. Just stay with me ’til the end, it’s important. We’ll get through…

5 months ago


Confessions of a Part-Time Professional

Allow me to introduce myself…My name is Lindsay and I’m a professional horse trainer. When you think “professional horse trainer” you may have visions of…

5 months ago