My Brother’s Suicide

As a regular, horse-crazy teenage girl, nothing in my life had really shaken me until April 2nd of 2016. I was away that weekend, showing…

3 months ago

Books and Film

Cold Front

A cold front moves across the piedmont of North Carolina. The wind lifts my horse’s mane from his neck, causing us both to shiver. He…

3 months ago


Race the Wild Coast

One rider. Three horses. And 350 kilometers of untamed terrain on the remote east coast of South Africa. Australian Brent Albuino was among the first…

4 months ago

Horse Rescue

Letting Go of Mary Lou

Animals do not have the free will to pick their owners and pick their jobs. That is always decided for them. I like to think…

5 months ago


Not Your Typical Horse Sport

Cedar Creek, VA. The year, 2004. My mother and I packed our bags and prepared for battle. We joined up with a few friends and embarked…

6 months ago