Morgan Withers


Dear Back On Track,

My darling, I’ve gotten hurt before. My past is littered with traumas. I healed, but that old pain lingered. I ached. There was a shadow…

2 years ago

Horse Play

Ways To Kill Your Groom

For a long time, I thought people were just casually negligent about their grooms’ safety. Eventually, it became obvious that a lot of people are…

2 years ago


True Groom Confessions

Do you ever wonder what grooms talk about when they’re alone? What kind of secrets do they keep? Well, we asked a few brushers to…

2 years ago


If “Groom Wanted” Ads Were Honest

Show barn absolutely desperate for staff after yet another new person quit. Preferably someone with grooming experience, but we’re at the point that we can’t…

3 years ago


30 Lies Grooms Tell Themselves

The great thing about telling yourself lies is that you can just pretend to believe yourself. The lie you tell you today can directly contradict the…

3 years ago