Eleanor Kellon, VMD


For the Love of Mares

In my younger (ok, MUCH younger) days, I didn’t like mares. They seemed unpredictable and difficult compared to geldings, or even stallions. I was wrong.…

5 months ago

Horse Health

Cold Weather Laminitis?

It happens every winter. A horse that may not even have a prior history of laminitis is found to be very lame and reluctant to…

7 months ago

Horse Health

Cold Weather and Stiff Horses

Research has proven that exposure to cold causes increased stiffness in both muscle and connective tissue, including tendons and ligaments. A recent human study also…

8 months ago

Horse Health

Is My Horse Overweight?

We’ve all seen at least one article claiming a high percentage of horses are overweight, or even that it’s an epidemic. While the numbers are…

9 months ago

Horse Health

What Is Restricted Feeding?

On one level, it’s exactly what it sounds like: restricting what you feed your horse. The devil is in the details, though. Exactly what is…

10 months ago

Horse Health

Feeding Yearlings

Whether you are prepping for sales and halter classes or trying your best to raise a healthy and sound youngster, careful attention to nutritional needs…

11 months ago

Horse Health

Managing Old Soft Tissue Injuries

Tendon and suspensory ligament injuries plague horses performing in all disciplines. Even pleasure horses and pasture ornaments may fall victim if they take the proverbial…

12 months ago

Horse Health

Supplementing the Sweat

If you are thinking ahead to the imminent summer heat by looking at electrolyte supplements, good for you. Horses lose massive amounts of electrolytes (and…

1 year ago

Horse Health

Winterizing the Senior Horse

Although horses can survive a remarkable range of environmental conditions, surviving is not the same as thriving. Winter is hard on any horse but particularly…

1 year ago