Casie Emerson Bazay

Stories from the Heart

Summertime Horses

My love of horses has always spanned year-long, but in childhood, summertime was a special season—filled with Monday morning trail rides and Saturday afternoon shows.…

1 year ago

Horse Health

Getting Smart on Sarcoids

You’re grooming your horse one afternoon when you notice a rough, hairless area has appeared on his jaw. Is it ringworm? A wart? Though these…

2 years ago

Amateur Hour

Lessons from Chestnut Horses

Most people don’t get the opportunity to bring home the horse they took riding lessons on. But that’s exactly what happened the summer between my…

2 years ago

Hoof Care

Barefoot and Bringin’ It

Performance horses need shoes, right? Not all of them! While shoes have certainly been the norm in nearly every equine sport for many years, some…

2 years ago

Hoof Care

The Art of Horsekeeping

After nearly four decades of horse ownership, I’ve finally come to a realization: horsekeeping is not a science, but rather an art. Sure, I’d prefer…

2 years ago


Oh, Those Dirty Horses

You have exactly one hour to groom, saddle, and ride your horse before you need to get back to other life duties. Only when you…

2 years ago

Horse Health

Healthy Weeds for Horses

Healthy weeds. It sounds like an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be. You see, we, humans are quick to label any undesirable-looking plant as a…

3 years ago