Trade season is officially open at Major League Show Jumping (MLSJ) and Eye Candy has wasted no time stirring—and sweetening—the pot!

Each Major League team is made up of six riders. Midway through the season, team managers have the chance to make trades, recruit new riders and strengthen any weak spots in their roster. The two week window for team trades ends October 3rd. Eye Candy, the current team standings leader, is switching out half of its original lineup.

Let’s start with the riders Eye Candy is keeping:

Dream team Amy Millar (CAN), Jacqueline Steffens (CAN) and Paul O’Shea (IRL) are responsible for all of Eye Candy’s podium finishes to date, including a pair of wins in phase II (Traverse City II) and III (Angelstone), and a silver medal in phase I (Traverse City II). It’s no surprise they’re sticking with that winning formula for the second half of the season.

Rounding out Eye Candy’s original starting lineup were Vasco Flores (PUR), Katie Laurie (AUS), and Karen Polle (JAP). Only Flores ever made an appearance, however, competing for the team in Traverse City for phase V. That trio is out for the second half of the season due to “unavoidable logistical issues.”

Joining the lineup in their stead are USA’s Emma Marlowe and Irishmen Simon McCarthy and Conor Swail. If that seems like a sudden influx of Irish, know it’s no coincidence—it’s psychological warfare.

“Team Eye Candy is excited to welcome three new riders to our amazing team lineup: Emma Marlowe, Simon McCarthy, and Conor Swail,” said team manager Erica Hatfield.

“Strategically, the addition of multiple Irish riders will go far in psyching out our notorious adversaries, the Lucky Charms. In fact, for the second half of the Major League Show Jumping season, Team Eye Candy will be as Irish as the Charms! It is well known that the country of Ireland produces some of the world’s best riders—what they lack in the looks department they make up for with talent and gumption!

“In addition, with young, up-and-coming American rider Emma Marlowe, Team Eye Candy is adding even more raw talent as well expertise at mechanical bull riding. We’re gonna finish this inaugural season of MLSJ like we started it—with an unsparing competitive onslaught and an unmatched childish frivolity. Go Team Eye Candy!”

Consider the gauntlet thrown.