The EQUITANA USA planning extravaganza continues!

Between the enormous trade fair at Kentucky Horse Park, the show stopping entertainment, and 150 seminars and clinics all across three days, October 1-3, my itinerary needs to be dialled in if I’m going to fit it all in and the EQUITANA USA online planning tool if helping me do exactly that.

Day One, as you know, I’m planning to get my learn on with a day chalk full of clinics. (Haven’t read my game plan for Day One? You can catch up here). So Day Two of EQUITANA USA is going to start with a little shopping.

Pro tip: Make sure to download the Digital Swag Bag full of coupons, vouchers and special deals. I personally always look for ways to save money at these events where I can. So I can to buy more stuff.

Here’s how the rest of my day will pan out. (Assuming I don’t get distracted by the shopping…)

10:00 am

After I’ve picked up a “few” things from the trade fair (there are 174 exhibitors!), my first session of the day will be Pat Parelli’s talk about Horse Psychology 101. He is the world’s Horseologist, and a coach to thousands. I’d be a fool to miss out on the opportunity to watch and listen to him live and in person. 

11:00 am

After Parelli, it’s over to Teaching Techniques for Riding Instructors presentation with Christy Landwehr for me. I have students and this seems like a great opportunity to learn about student age characteristics, lesson planning and group control. Emphasis on group control. Speaking from experience, a group of kids on ponies can easily unravel into chaos, so yes, control tips sound good to me.

12:15 pm

I’m going to need a break from the kids after that session and settling in to watch Colton Woods’s demonstration Progressive Horsemanship: From Cow Work to Grand Prix sounds like the perfect counterpoint. (Also, cow work to Grand Prix?! Sounds like there’s a great story there.) Colton has experience in classical dressage, Vaquero Bridle Horse, Colt Starting and helping horses overcome trauma. By the time this day is done my notebook and brain are going to be full.

Speaking of full, I’m going to need more food and drink after that. I see EQUITANA as a working holiday, which of course means I can eat and drink what I like and feel no guilt.

2:00 pm

Once I’m sufficiently fueled, it’ll be time to sit back and learn from Jim Masterson as he discusses the principles of the Masterson Method®. I’m looking forward to learning about a horse’s survival-bracing response, key junctions of the horse’s body that most affect performance and the use of movement and positing to allow a muscle or junction to release tension—and then working on all of the above with the horses in my life.

4:45 pm

Finally, the Akhal-Teke breed demonstration! I really want to know more about this horse (and finally learn how to pronounce the name).

After the breed demo, I have two hours to kill before the EQUUS Evolution performance, which can only mean one thing… more shopping! I’m on the hunt for a new halter, paddock boots and frankly whatever else tickles my fancy that day. With Christmas only a few months away and few birthdays between now and then, I can probably get that shopping done too.

What will Day Three of EQUITANA USA hold? I’ll let you know tomorrow…