Who likes a sale? Everyone.

And Labor Day is the perfect excuse to have an enormous one. With pumpkin spice lattes on the brink of invasion and a wee chill in the air, now is the perfect time to buy some new winter wear, stash a few things for next summer and of course, stock up for Christmas.

Plus, it’s a sale, which means you can buy more than normal because you’re simply preparing for upcoming seasons, whilst saving money (and buying yourself a treat).

For myself, because I am an only child and naturally think of myself first, I am angling towards the Tredstep Legacy Country Boot because they look amazing and I want them. I can wear them riding, teaching and even grocery shopping. And because they have a temperature-regulating Thinsulate lining and a Coolmax lined footbed I don’t need to worry about my feet getting too hot or too cold, I’ll just look super cool.

54% off! Tredstep Women’s Legacy Country Boot, $161.95 (orig. $349)

Next on my selfish list is the Horseware Full Zip-Up Fleece, I’m thinking in the Fig color. Not only does it have pockets and thumbholes but also “strategically placed seams to flatter the female form,” which I need want.

55% off! Horseware Full Zip-Up Fleece, $40.32 (orig. $90)

Every year I buy myself a new vest because, and not everyone knows this, vests are perfect. They allow your arms unfettered freedom while leaving your torso nice and warm. Horze’s Arissa Puffy Winter Vest fits the bill to a T. It has a nice high collar to keep the winter wind out, pockets for treats and a two-way zipper to make sitting in the saddle all the more comfortable. And it’s pink.

32% off! Horze Arissa Puffy Winter Vest, $57.60 (orig.$85)

But enough about what I want, onto the Christmas list because it’s never too early.

For my friend, whose horse’s fly sheet is looking tired, I will get the Kensington SureFit Lightweight Fly Sheet. It will keep the sun and the flies off her sensitive mare and with the super-adjustable front closures and belly straps, I know her horse will be pleased her aunt bought her a new flysheet.

16% off! Kensington SureFit Lightweight Fly Sheet, $62.99 (orig. $75)

For my racehorse friend, I am going to buy, and probably myself as well, the gorgeous Horses in Brown Blankets infinity scarf from Kelley and Company. The vintage horse pattern on the scarf is a classic design I know she will love and will fit right in with the racehorse set.

13% off! Horses in Brown Blankets infinity scarf, $12.99 (orig. $15)

For one of my students who dabbles in the extreme trail discipline, I found an aluminum sports bottle from Kelley and Company entitled Trail Master. She can take it hiking with her non-horsey friends and the Trail Master sports bottle will incite questions about her horse, thus allowing her to talk about him during the hike. And who doesn’t love talking about their horse?

16% off! Trail Master, $9.99 (orig. $12)

There are so many deals to be had at the Equishopper Labor Day Sale, I won’t ever have to step foot in store. Consider my shopping for all seasons done.