If I learned anything about myself during this past year of the COVID lockdown, it’s that I really do love to entertain (and boy, did I miss it!).

For my next dinner party, my table will be set with these fantastic wine glasses from Kelley and Company. There are four varieties of etched equestrian motifs: gallop (which I have), jumper, dressage, and flat racing.

I prefer stemmed wine glasses, though they do make a stemless version as well. Whichever you prefer, they will be equally as beautiful on a formal table as they are tailgating at a horse show with a cute picnic basket and your favorite chilled rosé or white wine. Even better: Kelley and Company glasses are made right here in the USA (gotta love supporting local!) and they come individually boxed, meaning you can easily order them as gifts for friends or family.

Bottoms up, and cheers!