It seems that no matter how hard I try to be otherwise, I am consistently over-scheduled, over-committed, overwhelmed and usually late. 

Out of the chaos that is my daily struggle, I have to find simple ways to create beauty, organization and function. The office at my barn is no exception, and as I put the final touches on its design, I immediately realized that I needed a gorgeous tote for my laptop, planner, notepad and water bottle—basically a carry-all for the disaster that is my life.

This Kelley and Company Tassel Tote ($43.99) is my new go-to. I refuse to sacrifice style, and yes, I insist on a beautiful leather bag for the barn. Because reasons. 

The tote comes in three colors—brown, black and teal. I rock the brown version. 

I love that the equestrian details are subtle enough for those who are in the “know,” while my non-horse friends think the snaffle bit is simply a fun design element.  

The vegan leather wards off stains and dirt from the barn, so I can easily carry it straight from riding to meetings in the city. (I recently paired the tote with my boyfriend-style jeans, a white button-down with a popped collar and my trusty paddock boots.)

I’ve also carried it to a socially distanced drink (or three) where I was grateful to have interior zipper pockets for my credit cards, ID and lip gloss. 

I’ll be carrying it to horse shows this summer, drinks on the patio, and wherever my laptop takes me.

What’s in your bag?