While I’ve certainly enjoyed the low-key vibes of 2020’s #WFH apparel, I will always prefer a polished look when riding.

I like a tailored ensemble, which helps keep the focus on the horse (always the true star) and highlights the rider’s position and areas for improvement. So for me, a belt is an absolute must—even if wearing a t-shirt.

Romfh has so many great options right now, I couldn’t possibly choose only one favorite, so here are the top picks that I will be adding to my spring wardrobe. #WFH be damned.

Their Vintage Belt in Rose Gold is so “of the moment” and is perfect for riders who love to be on trend. This would look FIRE with a navy or deep grey breech and a white top.

The Black on Black version is a total smoke-show and is perfect for riders who still like to represent their stylish edge even when in the saddle. 

The Croc Belt in Cerulean is a delightfully modern twist on a classic design. It’s sophisticated enough for the show ring but would also look great on Tuesday flat days or even paired with jeans for morning coffee runs. It’s super feminine but still hints at an athletic prowess. 

Lastly—the Croc Belt in Midnight. (OK, this might be my favorite.) I love a good black and blue combination, and this one takes the cake. It’s highly sophisticated and would look incredibly flattering with a tan breech and deep mocha boots.

BONUS: not made from animal products, you can wear these Romfh pieces and feel good about your animal-conscious purchase.

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