Olympian Tiffany Foster is Canada’s highest ranked female rider—in any Olympic equestrian sport.

She’s as well known for her show jumping acumen as she is for her sunny disposition and ever present smile.

But what she’s perhaps second best known for is her monochromatic attire.

Whether Foster is storming the international show jumping circuit between her Florida, British Columbia and Belgium or training students in the warm-up ring, she’s only ever outfitted in one color: Black.

And the dress code extends to her Little Creek Equestrian team.

Spot Foster at a show and you can count on her being trailed by a well-heeled entourage of riders and grooms outfitted head to toe in black. Like a posse of show jumping ninjas.

“Have you seen them… I make everyone wear all black!” laughed Foster.

But there’s method to her dark hued madness…

“This sounds ridiculous, but I’m very sensitive to shades,” she explained. “I feel like my eyes see a lot of colors, and if you try and get blue, you can say navy blue and the shirt can be different, the pants can be different, the hat can be different…it will bother me. Black is black. Everything is black.

“I really like to match, it’s important to me.”

Here’s Tiffany Foster’s Riding Uniform from black cap to toe:

What’s your helmet brand of choice?

“I’ve been wearing GPA First Lady 4 for the last ten years. Love them. I think they’re the best. Mine is carbon fiber and I have all sorts—I have a Canadian one, I have a matte one with my logo of my barn. They fit really well, and they’re super comfortable. And I’ve fallen off lots and I’m still here so I think they’re doing their job!”

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Are you team hairnet or team no-hairnet?

“Definitely hairnet. I use One Knot Hairnets. They don’t give you a headache, because there’s only one knot and it’s at the back, so it doesn’t leave a dent at the front of your head.”

Your team always looks sharp in matching show coats. What’s your go-to brand?

Winston Equestrian. I think they’re very classic. It’s technical fabric, but it doesn’t look like a scuba suit—it looks a traditional jacket. I feel like they’re really flattering. They fit well, they’re really comfortable and stretchy, and you can wash them at home, which I love.

“You can customize your designs, too. I use snaps because I can’t do buttons. They made me my own custom snap front.”

And for breeches?

“Winston again. Technically, they’re called mid-rise breeches. But they’re high and I love them. I only wear black breeches outside of the show ring. Then for shows, it’s fawn or white. But that’s it, I don’t wear any color except for black.”

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Got it. Black is the new black. How about for gloves and boots?

“For boots, I wear Tucci. I think they’re the most elegant design. They fit beautifully, they’re Italian made, they’re super nice.”

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“For gloves, I wear SSG Gloves. Because I’m Canadian, and they’re the best!”

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Thanks Tiffany!

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