If there is one thing dressage riders do really well, it’s breathing life into “classic” and “traditional” styles.

While they prefer to keep everything within the [60 X 20 meter] box, they’re always finding ways to balance elegance with refreshing individuality. 

Crystal Anne Little is the owner and head trainer of Atkinson Riding Academy, an over 45 horse operation in Atkinson, NH. Fashion befitting of her personality, she knows how to pull off grace with an edge. When she’s not training for a USDF Gold medal, teaching clients, or taking care of her one-year-old baby, she’s busy being the stable style envy. 

For Little, a riding outfit is always dual purposed.

My go-to shirt is Lululemon, and I love it because it’s a wicking fabric that’s fitted and tucks in. I feel like equestrian apparel should be functional and fashionable, and because it’s come so far just in the past 10 years, especially with the dressage sport, it gives you the opportunity and flexibility to be able to pair common clothes with your equestrian apparel, which widens your wardrobe up. 

A high-waisted pant can be flattering for a rider in more ways than just fit.

Everything needs to be high waisted! For me, it helps with position. If the belt starts to dig in, you know you’re leaning forward. I love the Horze Limited Edition Filippa Denim Breeches for schooling because you can feel casual and still put together.

Of course, an ultra high waist breech needs a deserving belt. 

Black is my go to color, because it quiets rider’s appearance and illuminates the horse. But a pop of color can be fun and a way to feel confident! Me and my stable, we don’t always fit in, so might as well shine a light on your haters. I like the Hermes belt for a classic touch with a strong red to tie together all of the accents. 

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Speaking of, let’s talk about those boots. 

My boots are Kingsley, customized Orlando 01’s. (Red, obviously.) With the laces you can adjust to whatever layers your wearing, and they’re easy to take care of. 

Yet, sometimes it’s the smallest the details that bring out the inner confidence. 

I always, always finish it off with a killer pair of earrings. Nothing will make you feel more glamorous!

What’s your riding uniform?

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