“Riding is gentle on the body”—said no one ever.

I once moved into a farmhouse to start a new job as a rider/groom. The (assumingly exhausted) girl before me didn’t exactly make the effort to polish up the room before she left. Among the abandoned odds and ends were half-filled bottles of ibuprofen in just about every imaginable crevice. In the dresser. Between the mattress. As makeshift bookends. It was like an Advil Easter egg hunt.

While a bedside bottle of Advil is common for any equestrian, indiscriminate of youth, those with arthritis suffer with aches and pains beyond the normal measure.

Luckily some of your favorite brands have come up with solutions to help you manage symptoms and stay in the tack.


Back on Track is an industry expert when it comes to pain relief and rehabilitation products—just ask your horse. They also make products for the rider (huzzah!). Back on Track’s Therapeutic Riding Gloves (retail: $49.00) help keep hands warm and relaxed when working, while improving blood flow to alleviate pain and discomfort related to arthritis and stiff joints. Their pain relieving secret: Welltex technology, long wave infrared radiation that’s infused into the fabric fibers to radiate energy back towards the body.


Like their gloves, the Back on Track Physio Wrist Brace (retail: $19.00) uses Welltex technology to create a soothing thermal effect that increases blood circulation and relieves discomfort of muscles, tendons, and joints that experience overuse. The brace provides support and compression to help increase mobility and accelerate recovery. It’s just one several FDA approved braces developed by Back on Track.


Pain in your ankles, knees, hips and back? MDC Stirrups has a foot in . The patented MDC Ultimate Stirrup (retail: $219.95) features shock absorbing sides to reduce concussion and provide a solid base of support. It also has an adjustable top that can be set to your ideal angle and a high traction ultra-low profile tread.

*Safety bonus: the open angles are easier to retrieve if you lose your stirrup and decrease the likelihood of your foot getting caught in the event of a fall.*


The Dublin gel handle dressage whip (retail: $19.99) and gel handle crop (retail: $16.99) are designed to mold to the hand, so you can keep a solid grip without having to clench the hand too tightly and aggravate any arthritis related pain. Plus, they’re fun to squish.


Thinline English Reins (retail: $67.00–$75.00) were developed specifically for riders with arthritis, but are enjoyed by all for its soft no-slip grip that molds to the hand. With a softer feel than rubber, they allow a secure hold of the rein without tension in the hand—a feature that also promotes an elastic connection with the horse’s mouth. #winwin


Worn over or under clothing, Professional’s Choice Miracle Knee Support (retail: $61.95) allows for complete mobility during activity while also offering compression and support. Professional’s Choice offers a range of braces, including a wrist wrap and elbow support band.

What arthritis solutions are in your tack box?

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