The 2020 Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event (JFI) will not be rescheduled this year.

The CCI four- and three-star event, originally slated for May 6–10 at the Horse Park of New Jersey, was postponed in March due to COVID-19 risks. At the time, event organizers planned to search for alternative dates to run the event in 2020.

Today, the organizing committee officially canceled the three-day event. Said Morgan Rowsell, co-organizer of Jersey Fresh International, in a press release:

“When the crisis caused by the coronavirus made it impossible to hold our event as scheduled, we looked into possible dates where we could hold it later in the year. However, no suitable date was possible and it simply is not going to work out. Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold the event this year.”

Jersey Fresh was to serve as an Olympic selection trial for the United States’ Eventing team for the Tokyo 2020. The Games have been postponed to 2021.

“With the Olympics also moved to next year, we anticipate our event holding its usual place of significance on the Eventing calendar,” said Rowsell.