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A madcap recap of Split Rock Jumping Tour’s Columbus International CSI 3*

Abigail McArdle and Cade, winners of Winner of last week's $50,000 Lugano Diamonds CSI 2* Grand Prix.

It’s Wednesday!

Another show week has begun for legions of lucky (or not so lucky, depending on how their day went) equestrians across the country.

Let’s find out how our friends at Split Rock Jumping Tour’s Columbus International CSI 3* fared on this fine fall day, shall we?

©Winslow Photography LLC

“Kinda great” is the official word from Florida’s Alex Granato. He and Waomi beat a field of 32 horse and rider combinations in the 1.40m Speed class. But judging by this photo, they have 1.60m ambitions.

©Winslow Photography LLC

For Emanuel Andrade, winning the 1.30m Jumper Speed class aboard Tupac Van De Vrombautshoeve Z was just another day at the office. The Venezuelan rider won or placed in every class he entered at last week’s SRJT Columbus International CSI 2*. His goal for this week’s CSI 3* competition? “Samesies.”

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Continuing with this week’s tribute to famed American musicians, Michael Tokaruk and Tenacious D took first place in the 1.20m Table II.b class.

Alex Turner and Vanrock. ©Winslow Photography LLC

Last but not least, Tokaruk’s student Alex Turner and her Vanrock, who’s name is probably not an obscure reference to the Rollins Band live sound engineer Theo Van Rock, won the 1.10m Table II.b Jumper class.

In short: These four people had a better day that er’body else at SRJT.

Some 64 horses were presented at the FEI Jog for the CSI 3*, so you can bet there will be many more before the week is through. Watch all the international classes at SRJT on