Top 5 Show Attire Trends for 2017

Heather Struthers, of Performance Horse & Rider, is back! With your 2017 show attire trends. (Just in time for 2018?) 

Listen up, friends!

Not everyone will agree with me on this, but that’s only because their opinion is wrong. On its own or with a black jacket…maybe a grey jacket? I dunno, I’m undecided on grey, it’d have to be the right grey. You know what? Come back to me on this.

North America might not be ready to accept this trend in the hunter ring but in the jumper ring, it’s my favourite new breeches color for the showing. This was a Spring/Summer 2017 color though. So if you want to jump on this, it’s time to hustle.

Granted this is not equestrian specific but I went DEEP on this trend. Like, I have five or six on heavy rotation at the moment. There’s something about a crew neck sweat layered over the stand-up collar that just. looks. cool.

Maybe it’s because I’m still salty about that stingray killing Steve Irwin but I can’t get enough of stingray leather on a helmet or boots.

But proper short jackets—jackets that were designed to be short, not just a jacket that’s too small. I expect this is going to be the most controversial trend of this bunch but, for reals, like, listen to me on this one.

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