Show Swap Is About to Be Your Newest Obsession

Sell what you own, buy what you want!

If you’re like most riders, you’ve spent more time styling your show outfit than you care to admit.

Hours have been lost searching for the perfect fit coat and breeches and brain cells burned agonizing over the 50 spectacularly similar shades of blue for your bonnet. Perhaps you’ve bought breeches a size too small because they were on sale. Or maybe you’ve taken price shopping for Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters to an art form.

Whatever the case, if you’re like most riders, you were delighted (and spontaneous squealed) when the box of that latest must-have find finally arrived on your doorstep.

Now imagine you got it 70% off!

Show Swap, the new online consignment shop for everything equestrian, aims to deliver precisely that.

Specializing in designer brands—think Animo, Der Dau, Ariat—it’s the high end ebay of horse wear. Horse people, like you, provide the stock. Show Swap, the platform for instantly promoting it to thousands of equestrian enthusiasts.

Here’s how it works:

1. List an item in under 60 seconds

With Show Swap, sellers simply create an account, upload photos, set their selling price and wait for the offers to come in! You can adjust the prices and product descriptions from your personal dashboard for faster sales. And monitor activity on your “store” in real time. Best of all, posting items is free!

Buyers, in turn, can purchase an item in under a minute. Because there are no lineups on the Internet!

2. Ship to your swapper

Like ebay, sellers ship directly to the buyer and buyers can rate and review each seller’s store. It’s a transparent and proven the-internet-experts-will-keep-you-honest sales strategy.

3. Get paid directly into your account

Show Swap handles all payment details for buyers and sellers. Sellers keep 80% of the sale price and can withdraw their earnings using Paypal, a debit card, or an ACH transfer. Your commission goes up to 90% after your first $1,000 in sales!

Buyers have the security of 2048-bit SSL encryption, so they know the transaction is completely safe. They also get the comfort of working with pre-vetted sellers.

4. Make the horse world a better place

Consider this: There are more than 2.7 million show horses in the US. Yet the high cost to entry means horse sport is among the most exclusive in the country. With Show Swap, anyone can purchase top brands at unbeatable prices and easily turn their new and gently used riding gear into dollars. It’s one fundamental way they’re making the sport more accessible to everyone.

Whether you’re trying to save money, make money or just want to justify your online spending habits, check out ShowSwap.com. It’ll be your new favorite Internet find!

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