As relatively affordable and extremely versatile athletes, off-track-thoroughbreds are a great option for just about anyone in need of horse power. Taking in a retired racehorse is a real win/win. The horse (presumably) gets a good home and care, plus a new job with which to focus all that energy, while the owner gets an experienced and capable athlete.

Of course, retired racehorses are not for everyone. While thoroughbreds are some of the most willing and loyal partners on the planet, at the core they are running machines; perpetual adolescents at recess; eager teenagers with a fast car and ADD. In short, a newly retired racehorse is not an ideal ride for the inexperienced.

Exhibit A: “Shamrock”

This video was recently uploaded by Youtuber Nick Bull and quickly went viral. As Nick writes in the description: “Shamrock is a retired race horse. On this day, he forgot he was retired, or that I’m not that experienced a rider and decided to take me for the ride of my life. Please excuse the bad language and girly screams at the end…”

(He’s not kidding about the language so if that offends you, better dismount here. If not, saddle on up and enjoy.)

(Original video here.)

Tip of the cap to this chap for sharing his horror-show with the world. We’ve all legged up on too much horse at one point or another. Sometimes it takes a face full of mud to remember that every now and then “racehorse gonna racehorse.”

(H/T Mashable)

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