Horse sport attracts a certain type of people. Some might say “weird” people and/or “rich” people.

But the truly common denominator uniting horse-folk is that we’re not lazy people. Because no matter what type discipline or breed you favor, there’s no version of “horse-ing” that doesn’t come tied to a lot of work.

The difference between us, perhaps, lies in how much work we do.

Maybe you’re the superhero of the stable who pre-packs a gourmet feast for you and your 10 closest friends, does all your own shipping, braiding, and training, and still finds time to make Pintrest worthy cupcakes for your kids.

Or perhaps you’re cut from a more laidback cloth, eschewing daily tack cleaning for dusty boots and a rollicking good ride every now and then.

Or just maybe you’re that rare breed that has managed to bridge the gap between the two extremes. To be at once both laidback and a complete overachiever.

Maybe you’re the Live Oak International (LOI) of horse people.

Some shows feature one FEI sport. Live Oak International has two.

LOI features both CSI3* show jumping (with a World Cup Qualifier) and CAI1* driving. It’s the largest Combined Driving and Show Jumping equine event of its kind in the country.

At the same time, it only has FEI competition.

That means there are two to four classes per day—total. So whether you’re competing or spectating, you’ll still have time to work on your tan and a mimosa, whilst enjoying a relaxing day of top tier competition.

Live Oak Plantation is the Neverland of Ocala

For more than 40 years, Charlotte Weber has built and nurtured Live Oak Plantation in to a leading Thoroughbred racing operation in Ocala. It’s also home to Chester Weber’s record setting four-in-hand driving team. You could say, the farm is an illusive paradise of horse sport.

But once a year, it becomes Disneyland

One week a year, the Webers open the doors on their private farm to host Live Oak International. Everyone and also anyone is invited to the show, making it a wildly non-exclusive event set in a hyper exclusive venue.

Live Oak International attracts a host of elite equestrian athletes

Many of the leading drivers, riders, trainers, coaches and owners from Europe and North America in both driving and show jumping come to Live Oak International. This year’s event counts no fewer than 12 Olympic show jumpers from nine nations, PLUS the top ranked drivers in the USA. It’s a veritable who’s who of equestrian sport.

But you don’t need to know who they are to have fun

The best thing about elite competition? Even if you don’t know who’s in the ring from Adam, you know it’s going to be spectacular sport. Also, there’s shopping. And Clydesdales.

Live Oak International is horse sport’s unofficial “marathon of fun”

Live Oak is the only show where you can tail-gate the driving marathon at 8am on Saturday, party until 2am that night, then compete in a 5km run/walk the following morning and cap your weekend with the World Cup Qualifier at 1:30pm. It’s literally non-stop fun.

But how much fun you partake in is completely up to you

If you decide you’re just going to watch the 5km run, we won’t judge. (Much.)

Live Oak offers a feast of culinary options

Feel like a cappuccino but the kids want lemonade? Your craving an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich but your husband wants jerk chicken? Live Oak’s got something for everyone with its select offering of food stalls—it’s the people pleaser of culinary experiences.

Also, it means you don’t have worry about packing snacks.

Enough said.

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