Show Jumping

The LGCT 2017 Hasn’t Even Started Yet and It’s Already Giving Us FOMO

The Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) has added two new cities to its 2017 line up. Just in case you didn’t have a severe case of FOMO already.

Now entering its 12th season, the 5-star show jumping Tour will stop in 17-cities, 12 countries and three continents this year. It’s now officially a horse show marathon. Or at least it should be.

Berlin and London are the latest stops to be added to the stellar lineup of dream vacation spots.

The 2017 season kicks off in Mexico City (margaritas!) heads east to Miami (more margaritas!) before hopping several oceans to Shanghai (baiju!). From there it’s a pub crawl around every place you long to go in Europe—Madrid, Hamburg, Cannes, Monaco, Paris, Cascais, Chantilly, Berlin, London, Valkenswaard, ROME—before making the final stop in the ever exotic Doha (tea!).


Rumor has it that LGCT mastermind Jan Tops picks the locations by throwing darts at a world map while enjoying a cocktail or three (which accounts for the few wide shots). Whether that’s true is anyone’s guess. (Disclaimer: it’s not).

But one thing is for sure: we can’t wait for the season to start!


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