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An Equestrian-Inspired Bag for Every Season

Purses are like horses—each has its own specific role to fill.

Some are pasture ornaments, often adored in your closet but rarely taken out on the town. Others are the workhorses of your wardrobe, serving double-duty as purse, wallet and/or portable vanity case. And a special few can do it all.

We recruited equestrian fashionistas Ariana and Chiara Zuccolotto to assess the handbag herd at Freedman’s Harness. Because you never be too rich, too tall, or have too many horses purses.

Wardrobe Workhorses


No wardrobe is complete without a solid clutch that can double as a wallet and at least one giant carry-all to swallow it whole. It’s science.

How do you wear it? “The Vis-à-vis Clutch ($185) could be worn with an evening gown or cocktail dress and a pair of heels for a special occasion this holiday season,” advises Ariana. “Or convert it into a wallet and pair it with the Barouche Giant Hobo bag ($495). This purse combo would look great with a wool pencil skirt, blouse or sweater, and a pair of tall boots.”

The Statement Piece


Every respectable purse collector has one—that one statement piece that makes any outfit look better.

“The Dennet Halter Square Tote ($485) brings everything to the table,” says Ariana. “This bag will make you feel like a celebrity in every outfit, even the workout gear we all run around in on occasion.

How do you wear it? “Pair this purse with your favorite oil slick jeans, a knitted jumper, and a pair of ankle rain boots (if the weather is stormy) or a pair of dress sneakers,” she says.

The Turtleneck Purse


Like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Drake in “Hot Line Bling,” the Clarence Bolster ($395) is the ultimate expression of classic elegance in a handbag.

How to wear it: This style bag really complements turtlenecks, says Ariana. “Play around with turtlenecks and trousers combinations. You could also layer a turtleneck under your favorite dress, add this bag, and you’re ready for that lunch meeting with you VIP client.”

Your Plaid Coat’s BFF


That stylin’ coat in your closet that goes with nothing? It’s just a Medium Snaffle Bit Bag ($496) away from being on regular rotation.

How do you wear it? “The solid colors of the Medium Snaffle Bit bag allows you to play with plaids and patterns in your outfit,” says Chiara. “A plaid statement coat paired with jeans and loafers creates a festive look for a holiday house warming or a lunch date with your ladies.” [Or bottle of Bordeaux]

Your Go-To Work Bag


A true day-to-night piece, the Bronson bag ($425) is an ideal bag for the working woman.

How to wear it: “The strap length on this purse allows you to throw this over the shoulder without getting in the way of your blazer and cigarette pant suit as you are conquering the business world but it is short enough to wear on your arm with your favorite black dress and pumps for drinks after,” continues Chiara.

The All Rounder


Big enough to fit all your everyday essentials? Effortlessly stylish? Neutral colors that will complement almost all your fall/winter outfits? The Surrey Saddlebag ($485) checks all the boxes for all-round awesomeness.

How do you to wear it? “Pair this purse with a pair of cropped pants, a long tee shirt, and a vest,” says Ariana. “Adding a scarf to any outfit is recommended this time of year.”

The Essential Shoulder Bag


Every handbag collection needs a good over the shoulder bag. The Halter Square Flat Bag ($325) has two strap options, which allows for both a casual or dressy option.

How do you wear it? “For a day full of seasonal festivities, we suggest pairing this purse with skinny pants, and accenting it with tall black boots, an oversized sweater and a felt hat,” says Chiara.

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