10 Reasons to Become an Uber Driver for Horses (Or Not)

Do you own a truck and trailer and like to drive? Do you enjoy earning extra money at your leisure? Are you happiest on the highway with a Starbucks in the cup holder and your favorite station on the radio?

Being an Equo driver could be the job for you!

The “Uber of equine transportation,” Equo is a new on-demand trailering service that puts pre-vetted drivers just a click away from horse owners. Convenient and cutting edge, it’s the flexible job you can do wherever the road takes you (and your horse trailer).

But if, say, you rather stare at your empty trailer in the driveway where it’s not earning money, that’s cool too. Depreciation isn’t a big deal to everyone. Here’s a simple yes/no quiz to determine if being an Equo driver might be right for you.

1. Do you prefer to set your own hours?

With Equo, you decide when to drive, when to be on call for rush rides, and when you’re available to be a backup driver. You also decide when you just want to put your feet up and binge watch Netflix for an afternoon. It’s flexible like that. But if setting your own hours isn’t your thing, we won’t judge.

2. Do you fancy taking time off whenever you feel like it?

Showing in Florida? Recuperating from an aggressive hangnail? Take the week off. Equo doesn’t demand a minimum number of monthly hours. You can keep your Equo Driver status even if you can only do a few rides per month. If you don’t want the freedom to take spontaneous vacations though, you might want to look into something else.

3. Do you like being the boss?

And having a team of support staff working on your behalf? Before, during, and after trips, the Equo team is in constant communication with you to make sure you have turn-by-turn directions, easy access to back-up drivers, and roadside assistance. It’s precisely the kind of support you expect when you’re the boss, assuming you’re into that kind of thing.


4. Do you enjoy meeting interesting people?

With Equo, you’ll have all of the rider’s information—phone number, payment information, plus a few details about the horse—before the drive, so you know exactly who you’re picking up before you get there. But, hey, if meeting new people who share your love of horses and desire to move them isn’t your bag, we totally get that.

5. Do you take pleasure in not getting lost?

Every Equo drive is mapped using Google Maps real-time traffic updates to make sure you’re always on the best route. It’s like having a your own private navigator in the truck—who can actually read the map. If you like getting stuck in traffic though, it’s probably not for you

6. Do you like having help at your beck and call?

Flat tire? Babysitter just cancelled? Equo keeps a backup driver on call in case you need assistance.* Assuming, of course, you like helpful people.

7. Do you prefer quiet passengers?

If you desire a backseat driver shouting directions at you every few minutes, then transporting horses might not be the career for you. Nary a whinny nor a nicker of “helpful” driving advice will they offer from the back stall. Ever.


8. Do you enjoy having an opinion that matters in a measurable way?

Equo’s two-way rating system after every trip means you can rate the Rider you serviced. Riders with negative ratings are placed on a probation period and, if the offenses are recurring, will be banned from Equo. Of course, that’s only a perk if you actually want to weed out difficult passengers.

9. Is being paid promptly something that’s important to you?  

All Equo ride payments are automatically processed through the App. If you prefer the risk and hassle of carrying cash around with you, you’re out of luck with Equo.

10. Do you like tasks that take minimal effort to complete?

Signing up to become an Equo Driver takes less effort than ordering a cup of coffee. Simply fill out an online form telling Equo a little about you and your vehicle and upload a few documents. You’ll receive a username and password for the App as soon as your information is verified. Your Driver capabilities will be enabled once you and your equipment is verified. Then the road is yours for the taking—log on and get your Equo on!

If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations! Equo definitely wants to hear from you. Check out their driver page to learn more!

*Subject to availability


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