A briefcase is the most important bag of your working life. The literal container of your knowledge, hard work, preparation, and pens.

A good briefcase will be as functional as it is professional.

great one is a statement piece. It doesn’t just carry your things. It’s a walking advertisement that testifies to the style in your substance, the flare in your fashion, the beauty in your brains. Get endorsed by the right briefcase and it might even make your career.

So, what does a Freedman’s Harness briefcase say about you? We’re so glad you asked.

You: Student

Your bag: The Baldwin Briefcase


You invested $195 in this bag because you’re invested in your education. Will there be ink stains on it after four or more years of higher learning? Probably. Are you likely to throw it under a desk, drop it in rain puddles, and/or spill a drink or 10 on its rugged 100% cotton canvas exterior? Of course, you are. You’ll probably even make it double as an overnight bag on those nights you get changed in the library bathroom on your way to the campus bar.

And that’s exactly why you bought the Baldwin in the first place. Because this bag? It says you are uniquely prepared for your day. And your future.

You: Young Professional

Your bag: Still the Baldwin Briefcase


Time to put all those education dollars to work! Your Baldwin Briefcase was the good first impression at your post-graduation job interview. Did it get you the job? You bet it did. As you dive headlong into the uncharted territory of working for a living, it’s the comfort blanket of your not-entirely-misspent youth and the handheld reminder that, sometimes at least, you make sound judgment calls.

Only now its 12 interior pockets are filled with pens, phone chargers, and business cards and not beer bottles, hangover cures, and study notes. Because you’re a professional, now. Your recently cleaned Baldwin Briefcase tells us so.

You: Working Professional

Your bag: The Wagonette Briefcase


Congratulations! You’ve been promoted to the slimmer, sleeker Wagonette Briefcase ($695). Because you no longer stuff clothes in with your laptop on the off chance that you’re not going home tonight. You have a second bag for that. Welcome to the Big Leagues!

Sophisticated, classically stylish, and beautifully constructed, your Wagonette Briefcase reeks of quality and smart investments. The way English bridle leather should.

You: Stay-at-home Mom

Your bag: The Wagonette Briefcase


While the other moms are carting around colorful diaper bags from the trendiest baby brands, you’re rocking the Wagonette Briefcase. Because this baby business? It’s the most important job you’ll ever do and it’s about time someone took it seriously. That means being prepared—equestrian style. Forget wipeable plastic covers. If you want long lasting durability, every horse person knows leather is the gold standard.

And if the scent of quality cowhide and Murphy’s Oil Soap helps imprint a love of the equestrian life in your child early on, well, that was money well spent then, wasn’t it?

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