Live stream season! That time of year between summer horse shows and the holidays when you binge watch indoors online whilst daydreaming about the next show season.

First up, the Capital Challenge Horse Show!

Catch all the World Champion Hunter Rider (WCHR) and equitation action at Prince George’s Equestrian Center all day, er’day until Sunday, October 9, online at

If you decide to play it in the background 24/7, we won’t judge. But here are the daily highlights to schedule your actual work around. (Times have been approximated. Because everyone knows that hunter rings run according to their own time zone.)

Wednesday, October 5

Noonish ET    Future Hunter North American Championship

7:00 pm ET    WCHR Professional Challenge

8:00 pm ET    WCHR Developing Professional Challenge


Thursday, October 6

2:00 pm ET    WCHR Amateur Owner 3’3” Challenge

3:00 pm ET    WCHR Amateur Owner 3’6” Challenge

5:30 pm ET   Children’s/Adult Amateur Jumper Challenge


Friday, October 7

10:00 am ET    WCHR Adult Amateur Challenge

1:00 pm ET     Ariat National Adult Medal Finals

4:00 pm ET    $15,000 North American J/A Owner Challenge Cup Round 1

7:30 pm ET    WCHR Professional Finals


Saturday, October 8

3:00 pm ET    WCHR Pony Challenge

7:00 pm ET    $15,000 North American J/A Owner Challenge Cup Final


Sunday, October 9

12:00 pm ET    WCHR Junior 3’3” Challenge

2:00 pm ET     WCHR Junior 3’6” Challenge

3:00 pm ET     WCHR Children’s Hunter Challenge

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