To any one of her many equestrian fans, Kaley Cuoco is a celebrity second, and a high-jumpin’ horse girl first. But like any horse girl whose day job happens to entail making $1 million an episode on a hit TV show in its 10th season (The Big Bang Theory, Mom), we suppose she’s probably obligated to hit the primetime late night circuit every once and a while. Enter her recent stint on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Refreshingly, Jimmy spends quite a bit of time asking Kaley about her riding life. Less refreshingly are the questions, themselves, which will be instantly familiar to any horse girl who has ever talked to a guy she’s just meeting over a pitcher of Keystones at the local college bar. Questions like, “Are you, like, a professional?” “Is it dangerous?” And, my personal favorite, “Do you ever win these races?”

To which Kaley, like so many before her, must explain that, no, she is not a jockey. No, she didn’t ride in the Triple Crown. And yes, there is a difference.

The undisputed best question of the interview, however, comes when Jimmy asks Kaley if she ever feels like riff-raff when she goes to a fancy horse show—which is actually a new one on us.

(And yes, of course we do. Doesn’t everyone?)


Touché, Jimmy Kimmel. Touché.