Take a stroll around the grounds of the Hampton Classic and you’ll start to notice something interesting. It’s a feeling that strikes you as you pass through the towering green hedges at the entranceway, or climb the bleachers to take your seat in the Grand Stand. Maybe it happens when you realize you’re seeing a field of world-class riders and Olympic-caliber horses, up close and in the flesh.


Because year after year, the Hampton Classic is able to attract some of the top names in equestrian sport. Perhaps it has something to due to its prime location, just hours from New York City and minutes from the rolling fields and powdery soft beaches of Bridgehampton and Sagaponack. Maybe it’s the pristinely manicured grounds, the unique grass hunter and Grand Prix rings, or its reputation as one of the most star-studded equestrian social events on the calendar.

Or,  it could just be that certain something that makes the Hampton Classic the Hampton Classic—one of those events that brings its own kind of magic. You can feel everywhere, from the back of the stables to the front the stands, while strolling in the VIP tent, and even perched at the rail of the schooling ring. And if you didn’t have the opportunity to experience it first-hand for yourself this summer, this video is the next best thing:

So, we’ll see you next year? Trust us, your won’t want to miss it.

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