Horse show days are long days. All those hours between the morning coffee run and the hurry-up-and-wait of competing. The simultaneously long day and short weekend. The endless hours and brief adrenaline highs.

You could while away the time waiting for your class stall-side in a fold-up chair, book in hand. Seek out a sliver of shade by the ring and watch rounds. Or you could turn your limited downtime into a micro-vacation. Just you and your Hästens Hammock. Feet up between two trees (or stalls), practicing visualization exercises as a gentle breeze rocks you calmly to and fro.

This weekend only Hästens is making that dream a horse show reality for one lucky winner with a FREE limited edition Hammock! (Retail value: $284.)

Made of high-quality cotton and printed with Hästens trademark blue check pattern, it’s guaranteed to be the envy of every horse show set up. And the most restful respite available from the time warp that is horse showing.

Enter now for your chance to win!