As one of the country’s biggest outdoor horse shows, the Hampton Classic brings the big—big-named celebrities watching big-named riders compete over big jumps on big horses with big money up for grabs. But not everything here is big.

One of the most popular features all weekend at the Hampton Classic are the leadline classes. Dozens upon dozens of aspiring equestrians under the age of 7 get their first taste of the show world as they are paraded around the Grand Prix Ring on their ponies. They may arrive at the show in car seats, but these kids know how to sit in the saddle.

It’s a good bet the Hampton Classic Leadline will catapult several brave youngsters into long, successful careers in the saddle. Yes, these little lads and ladies could very well be the next Beezie, or McLain. But for right now, they are simply busy being too cute for words.

The Leadline is yet another reason to make the Hampton Classic your next equestrian destination.

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